Performance Model®: It is a methodology developed by BMATE that implements several monitoring systems that allow transcending the bureaucratic blockages of the business and provides an integrated knowledge of the behaviors and progress in all areas of the company. The Performance Model® methodology used by Grupo Consultor BMATE relates financial and non-financial indicators inherent to the company's operation. In this way, a balance is sought between the organization's performance and the company's management expectations.

BMATE, being aware of the need to see results in the short term, developed this methodology that reduces implementation times, reaching process maturity in less than half the time of other strategic management methodologies.


The implementation of the methodology starts with the generation of the strategic framework, which focuses on four perspectives that involve the main areas of an organization (the customer, finances, internal processes and knowledge/development). Each of the perspectives evaluated by the methodology seeks to generate a balance and alignment with the overall vision of the company. In this way all resources create synergy and value inside and outside the organization.

When applied in companies, the Performance Model ® improves all their processes with a broad perspective and clear and specific objectives. The implementation process of the Performance Model ® is shown below:

Diagnosis of the business model through interviews with company executives to define the strategic framework in which the implementation of the Performance Model ® will be developed.

An analysis meeting is held with the project owners to follow up on the fulfillment of strategic objectives and review indicators for each of the areas.

Coordinators are assigned for the successful implementation of the strategic initiatives derived from the performance evaluation meeting.

A plan is developed for the effective communication of the indicators and initiatives of all the areas involved in the Performance Model ®.

The major differences (gaps) between the results obtained and the goals or best practices for the industry in which the company operates are identified.